Sasha Blue

Sasha came in to my life 13 years ago by following home from my mailbox when I lived in Texas.  I fed him a can of tuna and he decided it wasn’t worth going anywhere after that.  Because he is a gorgeous (I’m a tad biased obviously) white cat with incredible blue eyes and he reminded me of something “Russian” (don’t know why), so since Sasha is a male name in Russia I thought it appropriate to name him Sasha.  He has quite a unique personality.  People that don’t like cats are amazed that they like him.  There were times he seemed more like a dog than a cat.  When Molly was a puppy and I would take her for walks around my apartment complex, Sasha would always walk around with us.  My neighbors were amazed to see a cat being walked.  Of course he walked because he chose to walk but it was still cute! I guess it was unique that he walked with me like a dog would.

Sadly, we have had to make a tough decision this week.  The time has come to put him to sleep.  I truly hoped that he would just go to sleep and not wake up but  that hasn’t happened and it is time for us to make that humane decision for him.

Sasha is anywhere from 15-20 years old and has lived a long and great life.  He has become progressively worse and he is tired and deserves to rest.  He was loved by many ( and spoiled). 🙂  We have an appointment on Friday morning and then we plan to take him over to the woods at our other house to bury him.  My wonderful husband built a box especially for him, so none of the wildlife (coyotes, bears etc.) will be able to get to him.

The hardest thing about having pets is it is so easy to become attached and so hard to make tough decisions such as we have had to make.  In spite of how tough it is to make these decisions, the joy they bring make it all worth while.

We leave for vacation that day so hopefully, we stay distracted and won’t focus too much on it and grieve when we get home.

Here are some pictures of our sweet boy… (I think the picture is too large for the column so you have to click on the space to see the picture)

Every time I would start to change the bedsheets, he had to jump on the bed and lay on the mattress.  As I would try to put the sheets back on he would just  fuss and fume at me for daring to disturb him!  Imagine the nerve of me!

As you can see he was a big boy.

His favorite way to sleep!

He has such beautiful blue eyes!

A few more pictures….

They often would snuggle up together, especially in the winter.

He and Molly were both ready to come in.  They often would sit side by side at the door waiting for me to let them in.

He loved to snuggle up on the couch with Jeff (I couldn’t believe he let me put a picture of him sleeping with Sasha in this post).  As you can see in this picture he had already lost quite a bit of weight (and lost considerably more since) but was still active and would play with the dogs.

Well, I’m off to spend some quality time with our boy.