John Taylor Gatto – State Controlled Conciousness

Many of you know that I’m a huge proponent for Homeschooling. Quite frankly, I despise the public education system because it isn’t education, it is a system designed to brainwash and program children. The video is about 8 minutes long by a former school teacher. I encourage you to do some research about the subject. Read up on the United Nations Agenda 21 with regard to education and the outcomes required of that agenda. Lest you think that the United Nations has no say in how we do things, think again. We lost our sovereignty as a nation long ago. Just think about it, the more control public schools have over our children the less influence you have as parents!


He is just so darn cute!

For those of you that have not met my nephew Avery, he is going to be 3 yr old in August.

Avery spends a lot of time with my folks since they take care of him when his parents are working.  Naturally, spending quite a bit of time with people in their seventies he is a sponge and learns things very quickly and picks up their mannerisms (especially his papa’s… but that is for another post).

Avery is afraid of storms and if he sees it raining he becomes apprehensive about the storm, whether the storm appears or not.  The other day while talking to my mom on the phone, I heard Avery start talking about the storm in the background and he would tell my mom that he wasn’t afraid trying to convince himself that he wasn’t.   My mom told me that after we hung up it did rain quite a bit for awhile but no storm.  Once the rain was over a beautiful rainbow appeared and they coaxed Avery out to see it.  While out there Dad explained to Avery that the rainbow was God’s promise that he would not destroy the earth.  Avery listened as he usually does and then went back into the house.  A short time later my mom told him to go see if the rainbow was still there and he did and she asked him and he replied that it was.  As he was returning to what he was doing prior to checking on the rainbow, Mom heard him say “thank you God”, “thank you Jesus” and then he proceeded to sit down and play with his toys.  He understood that we were to be thankful the rainbow and for God’s promise to not destroy the earth.

Not only was a cute story, it also shows us that children are never to young to learn about the Lord.  I wish I could see him more often but I have to settle for occasional conversations on the phone.  I’m sure there will be more post about the cute things he does.

Until next time…

Holiday Weekend and a 5 year old!

I don’t know about you, but rarely do I have the opportunity to rest on Holiday weekends. I think about resting, but inevitably I keep adding projects to my extended weekends and usually overdo it. This weekend was no exception. We’d already planned to do some yard work but my friend needed a babysitter for her adorable but very active 5 year old son Jackson. I’m sure you see where this is heading… yes, I volunteered to keep him for the weekend. She is a deputy and single mom that works 12 hour shifts and lives in the county next to us so it made sense to just have Jackson stay from Friday night until she came off shift Sunday night. We had a great time with him but he wore us out too! Yet when he was gone, we really missed him. We are hoping Jackson can come again soon!