Our Trip To El Paso

Back in early August, we made a trip back to what I consider to be my hometown.  Although we did not move to El Paso until my senior year in high school, I consider El Paso as “home”.   The closest friendships I have in my life originated in El Paso.  Many of us are spread about the country now but we still keep in touch and remain friends.  El Paso is a unique city in many respects, you have a large Latino culture and you have a large military (Ft. Bliss) culture.  Both bring a flavor creating a unique environment with which to live.

Most people either love or hate El Paso.  I fall in the “love it” category.  Thankfully, it is beginning to grow on Jeff.  It was his second trip with me and he really enjoyed himself.  The first one was a bit overwhelming for him I’m sure.  He was in a new place and meeting a lot of new people, this trip however, he was familiar with everyone we got to see.

We had such a great time visiting with friends and I enjoyed showing Jeff more of El Paso.  This trip we spent most of our time with Rick & Lisa and their daughter Jordan.  The last time I saw Jordan she was about 8 weeks old and now she is two and half and was she was so much fun!!  She warmed up to us right away of course Lisa does a great job talking about Aunt Becki and Uncle Jeff.

I’ve tried to include as many links possible so that you can get a better idea of what is in or around my hometown.

Here are some pictures of Rick, Lisa and Jordan.

I realized that I didn’t get a single picture of the three of them this trip.  I’m slipping in my old age!  Rick is on the left talking with Chris and her husband Dave at the Dinner party they so graciously held at their home so that Jeff and I could see more people since we only had four and half days.  It was a great evening and a treasured memory.  Thanks again Rick, Lisa & Jordan!

Here are some more pictures of my friends that we were able to spend some time with.  As always we had a great time laughing and enjoyed spending time together.

This is Rod Smith (a.k.a. Schmitty as I call him… and he calls me.   He is now the Pastor of Cielo Vista Church.  His wife Cindy is sitting in the background.

From left to right, Dave & Chris, Ruth and her daughter Desi and Cindy.

Lois and Desi.

L to R: Karen, Chris and Alma

Front L to R: Jeff, Rick Dave, Back: Lisa, Bruce (Alma’s husband) Schmitty (as you can see by his funny face, he is quite the character) & Cindy.

A great picture of Chris and Dave.

The following pictures are of our trip to  Cattlemans Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch.  It is about 30 minutes from El Paso in Fabens, Texas and place that everyone should have the opportunity to see.  They have the best steak (Jeff wholeheartedly agrees).  As a side note, several major motion pictures have been filmed there and I believe they are listed on the webpage.   They also have a mini zoo of sorts complete with a Rattlesnake pit. They were livelier than I’ve ever seen them (and I’ve seen them a lot).  It is creepy enough to see that many rattlesnakes in one place but it was even creepier to see them so active.   There is a double chainlink fence which doesn’t allow you to get that close (which is more than fine with me) and since it was dark, the pictures didn’t come out all that well.  We did however get some great pictures of the sunset that evening and we got this picture of a critter that happened to be crossing the road (a desolate road I might add, it was not even near the city and other than the ranch there is nothing out there except for critters) on the way to the ranch. I’ve only had one other encounter with one that was bigger than this one and that was a hiking trip up in McKittrick Canyon years ago in a canyon similar to the pictured in the McKittrick Canyon link.

Here are the pictures from Cattlemans.

The following are in progressive order of the sunset that evening.  This vista (view in Spanish) is looking west towards El Paso.  The mountains you see in the background are the Franklin Mountains, which are at the end of the Rockies before the Mexico mountain range starts.  El Paso means “The Pass”, originally named “El Paso del Norte” (The pass of the north) the name was shortened officially to El Paso (unfortunately, I can’t remember when and I don’t have time to look it up).  It was monsoon season so the clouds were building up for a storm.  I never tire of sunsets what incredible proof that only God could create something of such beauty!

We also made a trip up to Mesilla, NM which is about 45 minutes from El Paso and is close to Las Cruces, NM.  Old Mesilla is a neat little town with a rich history.  Jeff really liked it there and went so far as to comment that he could live in a place like that.  It is a very quaint little town.  Here are some of the pictures from that side trip.  I took a picture of the Old Mission as well as the town square and a picture of Jeff in front of one of the buildings that used to be the jail and housed Billy the Kid at one time.

A picture of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces from Old Mesilla.

We were also able to visit briefly with a dear family friend Marianne.  We were fortunate to catch her in between one of her trips, as she is quite the world traveler.  She is heading off soon to see her daughter, Tina (another friend of mine that now lives in Australia with her husband Jonathan).  They have started a Calvary Chapel there.

We were also able to spend some time with Mrs. C, Lisa’s mom and also with Beth (Lisa’s sister) and her kids.  I didn’t get any pictures this time.  I really am slipping!!!

That about wraps our trip to El Paso, as always, I can’t wait to go again. There is something about going home that feels so great no matter how much time passes, it is just home.  A place with some awesome friends and old memories but also a place to go back and continue making memories with friends and now with my husband.

As always there are few regrets about places we just didn’t have time to see or people I wanted to see but there is always next time!