Holly Bushes and Bamboo

One of the things on our list to do on the house we currently live in, is to redo the landscape from scratch and to take everything out. The two prior owners of this home (which was built in 1969) didn’t do the best job in keeping the Holly Bushes (or anything else for that matter) trimmed up and boy are they out of hand (I’ll get to the bamboo problem momentarily). I’ve grown to immensely hate Holly Bushes. They are prickly and when there isn’t much room to get through them to get to things such as the outside water faucet… let’s just say it can be a tad painful getting the water hose! I attempted to try and dig one of those Holly Bushes up today with a shovel and a pick axe since the shovel wasn’t working all that well. I was trying anything and everything to get to that root ball. Did I mention how HOT it was today? Now for a far west Texas gal that still can’t get used to the NW Georgia humidity, it wasn’t easy lemme tell ya! Jeff was kind enough to take a few whacks at it, but I did do most of it. We have one down, seven to go. Six of them are huge and will have to be cut back, cut down to with a chainsaw (I’ll let Jeff do that part since I usually retain the title of President of the Klutz Club, a chainsaw in my hands would be dangerous to say the least). The ones in the back yard will be cut next year!!! Holly apparently grows very well here and is a very difficult to kill.

Now, the bamboo problem. As the story goes (per our neighbor Sam), the man who planted it years ago in the yard behind us, did it for revenge on another neighbor, unfortunately, those of us that now own the houses behind where he planted the bamboo are paying dearly for it. Killing the bamboo is Jeff’s project and he has tried everything. Just as we think we have a handle on it, overnight a bamboo shoots up about 15 feet into our property away from the bamboo forest. It is a never ending nightmare!

So, if anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of Holly Bushes and Bamboo please please share, we are willing to give anything a try!