My name is Becki and I have a wonderful husband Jeff who is a bi-vocational pastor of a small country church here in NW Georgia.  We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  We hope to be starting our family soon through foster care/adoption.  We recently completed our home study and hope to have some children soon.  The only “kids” we have at home now are our 2 dogs, Molly and Lil’ Man.

Lets see, what can I share about myself….

I ended up joining the world of blogging because of my friend Kelly encouraged me to start a blog to showcase some of my photography.  I thought it was a good idea.  It was going to take me awhile to get my photos ready to post so I started sharing my thoughts about various subjects.  Well, I still don’t have a page with photographs posted but it is on my long list of things I want to do!

I’m adjusting to this role as a Pastor’s wife but I’m excited and looking forward as to what God has in store for us.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing stories from time to time as we begin this journey.   It is a small church so there is a lot of work to do but even if it doesn’t get any larger, Jeff and I are happy to be serving the Lord wherever He leads us to serve.

I love reading (though I don’t have a lot of time to read books these days, I do read short articles online, as you will see by my posts, I like to share some of what I read), photography garage sales, flea markets and any kind of bargain, decorating, cross stitch, antiquing, gardening, cooking and I enjoy refinishing furniture.

I’m currently leading a Bible Study at work with a couple of ladies.  I never envisioned myself as a leader of a ladies Bible Study but here I am doing just that!  God has presented this opportunity and I’m willing to obey and follow His lead.

I’ve lived in 6 states, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia and now Georgia. I consider home to be El Paso, Texas. I lived there the longest and my closest friendships were all made there. Michigan is the next place I would call home as that is the other place I lived the longest after El Paso.  I still have have close friends from Michigan as well.

I work in law enforcement at the moment as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police but plan to stay home once we have adopted our first child.

I am passionate about many subjects such as, politics, homeschooling, modesty, alternative medicine and turning off the television permanently, just to name a few!  As for the last one, my husband and I were sickened by the garbage that is on TV and how difficult it is to get away from it even with commercials so we turned it off and have found we don’t miss it!

My most important goal with this blog is to encourage people to think outside the box.  Our society has been engineered to let the government think for us instead of looking to God’s Word.  If we are going to make an impact for Christ it is imperative that we think outside the box!

Many blessings



2 Responses

  1. Hey, niece o’ mine! Congratulations on starting your blog, I hope you do better than I do in keeping it up! It’s hard to figure out what to write, a lot of times, and you know me, I’m not all that outspoken (most of the time!) so it’s hard to put down thoughts and stuff. I’ve got your blog bookmarked, so I’ll check in every so often!

    Love to you,
    Uncle Andy

  2. Thank you for posting my commentary on Taxation and the Constitution.

    Kerby Anderson

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