Changes are a comin, I tell ya!

We have been approved for foster care!  Yep, foster care!  We could get a call any day or any moment to pick up a child or that one is being brought to us.  Huge changes are coming to our lives once they start coming.   We hope to adopt through this avenue and are praying that God sends us the child(ren) He has for us soon.

Undoubtedly, the posts will become more personal at times because I’ll have all the joys and heartaches that will be associated with fostering.  I don’t know how difficult it will be for me to not get too attached to these kids but still love them as I would my own.  If it becomes too difficult then we will change our status to foster to adopt.  It is still a risk but not as much as just fostering is.

It is very exciting and we are anxious to have little ones running around here .

More to come…


5 Responses

  1. Woo HOO!!!!!
    Praying for just the right goomba’s to fill your house!

  2. Hi Beckib,

    Congrats! You’re on about the same path as we were several years ago. We ended up fostering about 50 kids and adopting eight.

    Congrats again, and best wishes


    • Thank you! What a great success story you have with fostering. I’m going to check out your website! We hope to adopt through fostering as well. Thanks again for your encouragement!

  3. I am so excited for you and Jeff!! I cant wait to hear all about it!!!

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