I’m still around!

What a busy few months it has been.  I have several posts in the works but have been so busy and tired that I just haven’t had the time to focus on them enough to get them finished!  Here is a brief update on the last few months.  I think the last personal post was after our trip to El Paso so I’ll start there.

The day after we returned from our trip to El Paso, we began IMPACT classes through the state to begin foster care.  We hope to be able to adopt through this process.  It is a very invasive process and I have to admit it is also frustrating how slow the process is.

In October I officially became a Pastor’s wife of a small country church.  Since my husband became the Pastor, we have already experienced some growth.  He has been a preacher for many years so he already was known in the area and people have been coming.  It has been some adjustment but I’m excited about the new role in which God has placed me and the opportunity to minister to women in our church.  It is a little overwhelming at times to think about the responsibilities that go along with being a Pastor’s wife but I know God has placed us here for a time and we both want to serve Him in a way that brings Him the Glory and Honor that only He deserve.  We covet your prayers as we walk this new road of ministry!

I was sick Thanksgiving week with a sinus infection and bronchitis.  I don’t ever want to be sick like that again.  I felt like I was suffocating! I know I was just run down.  Once the meds kicked in, I was feeling more human by Thanksgiving Day and we were able to travel as planned to see my family for our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday.  It was a fast trip up and back but thankfully we are only about 2 hours away so fast trips such as that aren’t as tiring.

Work has been and continues to be extremely busy.  I’m so looking forward to the day that I can be a stay at home mom!!  Even though I’m not a fan of Obama, his plans to work on the country’s infrastructure will be beneficial since my husband’s secular job (he is a bivocational pastor) is in the concrete industry.  Once we have adopted and have children on way or another I will be home.  We do not believe it is scriptural to put children in day care nor public school (so I will be homeschooling someday).

I’m sure that last line caught someone’s attention.  I’ve heard all the arguments that it isn’t realistic in this day and time but people ARE doing that on one income and doing it succesfully.  It requires some sacrifice on wants but God does provide needs when women are obedient to His Word and are keepers of the home.

Moving on… I can’t believe it is December and it is already shaping up to be a busy one both personally and at work.  I plan on taking a week at Christmas but some of that will be spent traveling to see my family again for a couple of days.  This time we are hoping to get together with my Uncle and his family.  We’ve not all been together for 4 years and even though there will be one or 2 missing this year, we are hoping that we can work it out again to get together.

I hope to get some photos from Thanksgiving up soon.

Until next time…


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to you and your honey! On both the pastoring part and the fostering part!

    I read several good blogs by people who homeschool, I will send you an e-mail wih them.

    Hope you have a great Christmas with your extended family, that will be SO nice! Say hello to your folks for me, will you? Love them.

  2. I am so excited for you. I know you make a wonderful Pastor’s wife and you will make a fabulous mom!! Blessings to you and Jeff.

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