A Chilling View Of What Is To Come

I read this article on World Net Daily of a Gay protest about Prop 8 in California, in which a 80 year old Christian woman who was quietly exercising her rights of free speech in support of Prop 8 and was attacked for her view.  The Cross she carried was knocked from her hand and stomped on.  The gays have threatened to begin violent attacks on anyone that does not fall in line with their agenda.  They are currently focusing their attacks on the Mormon church because of their millions invested in the passage of Prop 8 but it won’t be long before all Christians will be attacked in the same way.

You can watch here how these vicious people treated an 80 year old woman all because she had a different viewpoint.  It also angered me that the newscaster said that it looked like there was “a lot of  hate on both sides”.  The woman showed no hate whatsoever, in fact she was still gracious in spite of her attackers.

The homosexual agenda has already invaded our schools and there is a major push to educate children as early as possible of the normalcy of  perverted gay lifestyle.   The NEA recently had their national meeting and the focus was all about the homosexual lifestyle.  You can read an article I posted here that outlines the goals of the NEA.

We need to stand and fight for marriage as God intended for as long as He tarries his coming!  We need to be witnesses in the midst of persecution.  I commend this lady’s courage to stand for what is right!


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