ahhhhhhh…. the quiet!

I have never enjoyed peace and quiet more than I am now that one of the longest campaign seasons in history FINALLY came to an end.   The phone calls have ceased from the politicians and the signs that occupied street corners and yards are almost all gone and it seems like life is back to normal.

Unfortunately, with the recent election of Obama things will be far from normal and peace and quiet are likely to disappear yet again in the future.  Radical changes, none of which are for the betterment of the country are brewing.  It is going to be a long 4 years and possibly 8 if he retains the presidency at the next election.

Mr. Obama states that he will be a President for all, yet so many of his positions show him to be very biased in his support on issues facing the United States.  Many of his positions are dangerous for  the unborn, Israel and Christians to name a few.  He has an agenda and it is one that does not line up with our Constitution and it definitely does not line up with the Word of God.

So where are we going to be a few years?  That is difficult to say but we can rest in Almighty God because He and He alone is in control.  His plan and purpose are perfect.  Come what may, God’s Word gives us the the final outcome so we can rest with a peace that passes all understanding, .

Take a few minutes to read the following letter that is also posted on Focus on the Family’s website.  Although it is fictitious,  it could very well be prophetic in nature of what is likely to come.  As Christians we need to be prepared because one day in the near future we may be facing persecution as others through out the world have had to endure to stand for Christ.  Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

A letter from 2012 in Obama’s America


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