More On The Continuing Collapse

Although this is a little long, it is worth reading.  We are in perilous times in more ways than one and even though those of that know Christ as our Saviour, know what the final outcome will be, we till need to be watchful and prayerful as our country rapidly descends into socialism/communism.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

by Bruce Shortt, J.D., Ph.D.


“Doing the Education Research that Illegal Aliens Won’t Do

Since 1997″

Pre-Election Issue 2008

In its never ending effort to
expose the consequences of disobedience in the education of our children, The
Continuing Collapse has consistently pointed out that giving children to an
aggressively anti-Christian government school system is not “just another
issue” or “just another sin”.

As The Continuing Collapse has also
pointed out, the secular left has a far better grasp of the relationship
between education, what we think, and what we are than most of our
pastors and our Christian “leaders”.

This “grasp-of-reality gap”
from which so many pastors and Christian “leaders”
suffer doesn’t result from the obscurity of the relationship between
how we are discipled and what we become. The Bible is quite clear about
this. Most pastors and Christian “leaders” simply choose to
ignore what the Bible plainly says.

In the Video Corner we have a MUST WATCH interview with a former
member of the KGB who explains, among other things, how influencing how
children are educated was central to Soviet efforts for subverting a

How odd that Communists are quite
clear on the centrality of education while most Christians are clueless.


Here we have an extraordinarily
instructive interview with Yuri Bezmenov, who is
the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer and was a member of
the elite propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency.

But, But….(the education
antinomian pastor might stutter), that interview is over 20 years old. How can
it be “relevant” now?

The answer is simple. Although
marxists lost their Soviet sponsor, they didn’t cease their activities within
their host countries. In no area have they been more active than in
education. Many of
America‘s radicals from the 60’s such as Obama’s friend Wiliam Ayers
became teachers and “professors of education”.

Here we have a story about
a speech given by William Ayers in
Venezuela in which he proclaims:

“La educacion es revolucion!”

Despite all manner of stonewalling
by Obama, Ayers and their allies, these commentators have doggedly pursued
information about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

That’s the $150+ million
“education reform” piggy bank substantially controlled in the nineties by Ayers
and Obama, who doled out tens of millions of dollars to Leftist radicals —
radicals who, like their patrons, understood that control over our
institutions, and especially our schools, was a surer and less risky way to
spread their revolution than blowing up buildings and mass-murdering American

As Diamond observes, in a 2006 speech
Venezuela, with Leftist strongman Hugo Chavez looking on, Ayers exhorted:
“Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large.
La educacion es revolucion!”

Unfortunately, there are still
pastors telling people that “how you educate your children is not a moral
issue” and the “how we educate our children is not something that should
cause controversy within the church.” With leadership like that, no wonder
Christians are losing the culture wars.


(On the side of a hard left social revolution)

Hundreds of educators have
endorsed a letter opposing the “demonization” of Williams Ayers – the
domestic terrorist who helped launch Barack Obama’s poliltical career, and
whose relationship with the Democratic presidential candidate continues to be
major controversy – arguing that frequent reports of his involvement in
domestic bombings are “designed to intimidate free thinking and stifle
critical dialogue.”

“We write to support our
colleague Professor William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and
Senior University Scholar at the
University of Illinois
Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political
attack,” reads the letter, available for endorsement at

“The current
characterizations of Professor Ayers – ‘unrepentant terrorist,’ ‘lunatic
leftist’ – are unrecognizable to those who know or work with him,” the
letter continues….

In a Times interview published Sept. 11, 2001, Ayers said, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we
didn’t do enough.” He posed for a photograph accompanying the piece that
shows him stepping on an American flag.

The Times also reported that when
asked if he would rule out planting another bomb someday, Ayers responded, ”I
can’t imagine entirely dismissing the possibility.”

…The educators’ letter also
contends that teachers have a moral obligation to promote the free flow of
ideas and that public criticism of Ayers serves as a warning that “anyone
who voices perspectives and advances questions that challenge orthodoxy and
political power may become a target.”

Reports that characterize Ayers as
a leftist or a terrorist, the letter claims, represent a “crusade” to
“crush” the “inevitable clash of ideas” that follows when
challenges to the status quo present “the possibility of change.”

“All citizens, but
particularly teachers and scholars, are called upon to challenge orthodoxy,
dogma and mindless complacency, to be skeptical of authoritative claims, to
interrogate and trouble the given and the taken-for-granted,” the letter
states. “Without critical dialogue and dissent we would likely be burning
witches and enslaving our fellow human beings to this day.”

The letter concludes: “We,
the undersigned, stand on the side of education as an enterprise devoted to
human inquiry, enlightenment and liberation. We oppose the demonization of
Professor William Ayers.”

For those interested in whom the
players really are in this election season:


Earth Worship in Government Schools:

The Environmental gods shall

have no Gods before them

A public school’s decision to fold
over a portion of a kindergartner’s poster to hide an image of Jesus did not
violate the youngster’s right to free speech, a federal judge has determined.

Antonio Peck’s teacher and school
principal had “legitimate pedagogical concerns” when deciding to edit
the boy’s poster for a school display promoting environmental awareness,
Northern District of New York Judge Norman A. Mordue ruled….

Those valid concerns of Antonio’s
teacher, Susan Weichert, and the principal, Robert Creme, were that parents at
Catherine McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, outside Syracuse, N.Y., would
think Weichert was teaching religion if they saw the image of Jesus on
Antonio’s poster about ways to protect the environment, according to Mordue…

“Assuming that Antonio’s
poster conveyed a religious viewpoint on the topic of how to save the
environment, the Court concludes that plaintiff failed to prove by a
preponderance of the evidence that defendants would have treated another poster
with an equally non-responsive secular image, differently,” the judge


The New York City
teachers’ union filed a federal lawsuit on Friday claiming that a policy
banning political pins and signs
[Obama pins and
signs, of course]
schools violates teachers’ First Amendment rights by blocking them from
political expression.

The lawsuit comes nearly two weeks
after the Department of Education sent a memo to principals directing them to
enforce the longstanding regulation, which requires that all school staff
members show “complete neutrality” while on duty. The policy also prohibits
teachers from using school property to promote a candidate.

Although Courses on
“the Bible as Literature” Tend to give Educrats Attacks of
“the Vapors”, Obama as Literature is Just Fine

Over at RealDebateWisconsin Fred Dooley was contacted by the mother of a Racine Unified School District 8th grade student in Wisconsin public schools about an outrageous thing she found in her son’s
school textbook.

Apparently, in this textbook
supposedly teaching about literature, one of the books being pushed as a
perfect example of that subject is Barack Obama’s memoir
Dreams from my Father. That’s right, a
book by a current political candidate for president is being pushed on our
children as “literature.” It also seems probable from campaign
donation records that a principle member of the publishing company is a large
Obama donor.

One would think that focusing on
the ideology of a politician currently running for president would be a bit
over-the-top even for our extreme left leaning system of education in this
country. But there it is anyway. The book even presents a photo of the Senator
at a campaign rally with signs advertising his campaign website address to help
better indoctrinate the kids.

Our Highly Trained Education Professionals are in a Panic:

The No Child Left Behind Chickens are

Coming Home to Roost

One of the absurdities of NCLB is
that each state was allowed to set its own standards for what counts as
“proficiency” in a subject. Not surprisingly, one of the first things
that happened after the passage of NCLB was that states began lowering their
standards to make sure they could meet the requirements of NCLB.

Another absurdity of NCLB was the
requirement that all children be proficient by 2014.

Now our highly trained
professionals find that they didn’t lower standards enough to avoid being

SACRAMENTOPrairie Elementary School had not missed a testing target since the federal No
Child Left Behind
law took effect in 2002. Until now…

Over all, the number of its
students passing tough statewide tests had increased by more than three
percentage points annually, a solid record.

But this year, California schools were required to make what experts call a gigantic leap,
increasing the students proficient in every group by 11 percentage points. For
the first time, Prairie, and hundreds of other
schools, fell short, a failure that results in probation and, unless reversed,
federal sanctions within a year.

they’re asking for another 11 percent increase next year and the next, and
that’s where I’m saying I just don’t know how,” Fawzia Keval, the school’s
principal, said. “I’m spending sleepless nights.”

Across the nation, far more
schools failed to meet the federal law’s testing targets than in any previous
year, according to new state-by-state data. And in
and some other states, the problem traces in part to the fact that officials
chose to require only minimal gains in the first years after the law passed and
then very rapid annual gains later. One researcher likens it to the balloon
payments that can sink homebuyers.

Part of the reason for the troubles
was that the states gambled the law would have been softened when it came up
for reauthorization in 2007, but efforts to change it stalled. This year
Congress made no organized attempt to reconsider the law. With the nation
facing urgent challenges, including two wars and economic turmoil, it could be
a year or more before the new president can work with Congress to rewrite the

The law requires every American
school to bring all students to proficiency in reading and math by 2014. When
it was first implemented six years ago, it required states to outline the
statistical path they would follow on their way to 100 percent proficiency, and
about half set low rates of achievement growth for the first few years and
steeper rates thereafter.

Here in California,
which in 2002 had only 13.6 percent of students proficient in reading,
officials promised to raise that percentage on average by 2.2 points annually
from 2002 to 2007, but starting this year greatly accelerate the progress,
raising the percentage of proficient students by 11 points per year through

Now that the time has come for
that accelerated improvement,
California schools are not keeping up.

This year, about half the state’s
9,800 schools fell short…

“Lots of schools are no longer going to be
able to meet the law’s requirements,” Dr. Cardullo said. His study predicted
that virtually every elementary school in
would fall short of the federal law’s expectations before 2014.

Why did California
decide on six years of relatively slow achievement growth, followed by six
years of extraordinary gains? Officials from many states told the Bush
administration in 2002 that they needed time to write new tests and accustom
teachers to them.

But the California
state school superintendent, Jack O’Connell, said he also bet that Congress
might change the law in 2007, perhaps by removing its 100 percent proficiency
goal. “It’s true that was in the back of my mind when we negotiated our plan
with the feds,” Mr. O’Connell said. “And I’d do the same thing again. I’m still
hoping a new administration will change the law.”…

Schools that miss targets for two
consecutive years are labeled “needing improvement” and face escalating
sanctions that can include staff changes or closings. Partly because the law is
identifying thousands of schools, however, few states have tried to radically
restructure more than a few….

Ms. Spellings has fiercely
defended the law’s requirement that all students achieve proficiency by 2014.

Among that provision’s most
tenacious critics has been Robert Linn, a
of Colorado
professor emeritus who is one of the
nation’s foremost testing experts. He argued, almost from the law’s passage,
that no society anywhere has brought 100 percent of students to proficiency,
and that the annual gains required to meet the goal of universal proficiency
were unrealistically rapid, since even great school systems rarely sustain
annual increases in the proportion of students demonstrating proficiency topping
three to four percentage points.

“If, no matter how hard teachers
work, the school is labeled as a failure, that’s just demoralizing,” Dr. Linn

Note the California
strategy: Set up a path to proficiency with minimal improvements required in
the early years in the expectation that Congress would move the
goal posts before it would become embarrassing. In the meantime, inceasing
amounts of federal cash will continue to flow in to the coffers of the
educational establishment. So far, only the money part is working.

Perhaps All Isn’t Lost:

Our Highly Trained Education
Professionals Can Always Cheat to Meet

Testing Standards

(But sometimes they get caught)

Here we have a story in which a
school turned in some too-good-to-be-true testing results coupled with an
unusual number of erasures that eliminated wrong answers. The County sent in
monitors and required a retest and – surprise, surprise – the scores dropped

Ah, but our ever resourceful highly
trained educational professionals have come up with an explanation: the
presence of monitors created a “hostile testing environment.” Who
could expect children to add 2 plus 3 correctly under those circumstances?

When Charleston County school
officials monitored Sanders-Clyde Elementary School’s testing process this
year, they deprived students of snacks and breaks and created a stressful and
uncomfortable atmosphere, according to teachers’ firsthand accounts of the

School district leaders say that’s
an inaccurate description of what happened, and they denied doing anything that
would negatively affect the school’s testing process.

Teachers’ descriptions of the
monitoring somewhat mirror former Principal MiShawna
account of what took place. Both predicted test scores would drop, and they
did, dramatically. The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating whether
any foul play was involved at the downtown school, which had become a shining
star in
Charleston for its low-income students’ achievement….

“The testing environment felt
hostile, and this made everyone at Sanders-Clyde on edge,” wrote Tanya
Domin, guidance counselor.

The packet, however, does not
explainother issues that triggered the state investigation, specifically a high
number of eraser marks on the school’s tests in 2007 and improbable one-year
gains made by students that same year. Moore, who talked to The Post and Courier
last week after repeated requests for an interview, could not explain the
eraser marks or large one-year gains.

Moore also could not explain the gap between students’ scores on a
test similar to PACT and the PACT test itself. On the former test, students’
scores were among the weakest in the county, and on the latter, they were among
the strongest.

Moore has denied cheating, encouraging cheating or knowing of any
cheating at the school.

Janet Rose, the district’s
executive director of assessment and accountability who oversaw the monitoring
process, said she was surprised at teachers’ reactions to the monitoring
because it was totally unobtrusive.

Her staff deliberately sat in the
back or sides of classrooms so they would not distract students, and Rose said
no one was pressured to finish tests quickly.

Snacks and breaks were allowed,
she said. Rose asked teachers to provide snacks in a more orderly way rather
than constantly supplying students with food because that was distracting.

Rose also asked teachers to ensure
breaks were more orderly because students were stopping at different times and
possibly disrupting others, she said…

And What Has the Example of Our
Highly Trained Education Professionals and

their Really Swell Postmodern

Done for the Character of Children
Institutionalized in Government Schools?

Surveys show that cheating in
school — plagiarism, forbidden collaboration on assignments, copying homework
and cheating on exams — has soared since researchers first measured the
phenomenon on a broad scale at 99 colleges in the mid-1960s.

Students have just figured out that
if our highly trained education professionals can cheat, being honest can’t be
all that important. Besides, the curriculum tells them that there are no moral

More Budget Woes in California:

The Good News Just Keeps On Coming

The California
education establishment is discovering that it isn’t the only tax hog at the

For Californians still reeling
from this year’s record budget standoff, it’s deja vu, less than a month after
the shouting died.

Fighting falling revenues, Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing a list of up to $3 billion in new budget
cuts – and schools should prepare for the worst, school business officials
warned this week.

“Cuts are coming,” the
California Association of School Business Officials said in a written statement
to members. “How big is the question that begs an answer.”….

Schools are potential
budget-cutting targets for two reasons: They consume more than 40 percent of
the state’s general fund budget, and under Proposition 98, their guaranteed
level of funding declines as state revenues fall.

Put simply, state officials could
dip into school funding without suspending Proposition 98 if a deal were struck
between Schwarzenegger and a majority of both legislative houses…

Jack O’Connell, state
superintendent of public instruction, said new cuts would be devastating.
Schools already are receiving about $2.5 billion less than they anticipated,
according to the Department of Finance….

Kevin Gordon, a veteran education
lobbyist, said he doubts that legislators would vote to cut school funding in
midyear, but if they did, the scars would run deep.

“It would do monumental
damage to schools because never again could they trust that they could plan on
anything from one month to the next, let alone from one year to the next,”
Gordon said.

Babies instead of retirement:
Grandparents raising grandkids

Could it have anything to do with
how they allowed their children to be “discipled” in the government
schools and by the media?

…2.5 million parents…For one
reason or another…find themselves starting over and raising their own
grandchildren. Of those 2.5 million grandparents, 1.8 million are single
parents, and roughly one-fifth live in poverty. According to the U.S. Census
even more grandparents — 6.1 million — don’t serve as sole guardians of their
grandchildren but still live with them and provide some level of economic
support and child care.

I spoke with one grandmother,
Virginia Linares, 61, about the struggles she faced when after raising six of
her own children, she was asked to care for five of her grandchildren.

Linares and her husband, Carlos, have been married 40 years. They were
given their first grandson, Frankie, 21 years ago when he was just a baby,
after his mother was unable to support him financially. In 1993 another daughter
left them 2-year-old Cory, saying they could care for him better than she

For Linares,
having custody of the first two and raising them since they were babies was one
thing. However, in 1998, Frankie’s mother abandoned three other children, 10-year-old
Brandon, 7-year-old Noel and 5-year-old Carlos, at the home of her aunt. The
aunt then called
Linares and she picked them up. That’s when life got complicated.

God is not mocked. This problem is
going to get worse.


1. Feel free to circulate The
Continuing Collapse.

2. If you aren’t hearing about at
least some these government school problems from your pastor, why is he your


“Half the harm that is done
in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to
do harm – but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they
justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of
themselves.” T.S. Eliot


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