John Taylor Gatto – State Controlled Conciousness

Many of you know that I’m a huge proponent for Homeschooling. Quite frankly, I despise the public education system because it isn’t education, it is a system designed to brainwash and program children. The video is about 8 minutes long by a former school teacher. I encourage you to do some research about the subject. Read up on the United Nations Agenda 21 with regard to education and the outcomes required of that agenda. Lest you think that the United Nations has no say in how we do things, think again. We lost our sovereignty as a nation long ago. Just think about it, the more control public schools have over our children the less influence you have as parents!


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  1. Hi
    Everyone should get their kids out of the public school system as quickly as possible.
    The kids are being indoctrinated by the elitists that are pushing Agenda 21.
    I;m 53 and was talking to a teacher the same age as myself.
    I asked a simple question and he gave me an answer that shocked me. I asked-how bad is the education system today.

    He explained it like this-“when you graduated grade 8, you had the same functional education as a grade twelve grad of today”

    I’m in Canada and I was dismayed to find two local schools have been certified as UNESCO compliant.

    Please read Global Green Agenda, found under Agenda 21 and also be sure to read Cloak of Green
    also found on my site.

    Turn off your TV and start educating your family and friends.

    Save a child-get him or her out of the public school system.

    We are living in very interesting times. Remember, history repeats.


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