Holiday Weekend and a 5 year old!

I don’t know about you, but rarely do I have the opportunity to rest on Holiday weekends. I think about resting, but inevitably I keep adding projects to my extended weekends and usually overdo it. This weekend was no exception. We’d already planned to do some yard work but my friend needed a babysitter for her adorable but very active 5 year old son Jackson. I’m sure you see where this is heading… yes, I volunteered to keep him for the weekend. She is a deputy and single mom that works 12 hour shifts and lives in the county next to us so it made sense to just have Jackson stay from Friday night until she came off shift Sunday night. We had a great time with him but he wore us out too! Yet when he was gone, we really missed him. We are hoping Jackson can come again soon!


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  1. You are a good friend!

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